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Write For Us

Contribute to Digi Telegraph!

We are excited to have you here and welcome your interest in writing guests posts for us.

Digi Telegraph gives you a great platform to showcase your expertise. We are a fast-growing media website with visitors from key markets around the world. Please review the information shared below and do reach out if you have any further queries.

What We Look for

Your guest post contributions should be easy to read, precise, and relevant. You can increase your chances of getting published a topical and well-researched (we prefer 800+ words articles).

The content should be original and unpublished. Please ensure that you include any claims that are backed by research or case studies (please add links where possible.

Try and use subheadings, points, and short paragraphs as it makes it easier to read on digital.

We accept content on the following topics:

  • Health
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

Kindly note that this is a platform to showcase your writing talent and you will not be paid for your articles.

Submission Guidelines

Any submissions should meet our content team’s quality standards. We reserve the right to reject contributions and make minor edits to your article.

You can only have 2 self-serving link. Either a link to a relevant, informative, resource (i.e. a blog post) in the body of the article (dofollow link) or to your site or to any social media channel in the author bio (dofollow link). You can link to other relevant articles from Digi Telegraph that adds value to the article. But please refrain from excessive linking. In general, it’s best to keep the link count under 3.

Outgoing links are required to be relevant to Digi Telegraph content. Therefore, linking to adult or dating sites, Credit-related sites or sites which advocate violence are not allowed.

Once you article is published on Digi Telegraph, the same cannot be published anywhere else, including your own blog.

Images width should be 580 pixels or less. Please send them as a separate attachment.Make sure not to violate copyright when using images. Also please give credit wherever required.

To submit your article idea, please email us at digitelegraph@gmail.com

We look forward to some amazing articles from you. Let’s spread knowledge together.