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top 5 ai tool

Top 5 AI Tools in 2023

It seems obvious that artificial intelligence will play a big role in all significant future advances and fundamentally alter how work is done today. In all the large industries, it’s probably going to be an indispensable helping hand. However, before integrating artificial intelligence technologies into your team or workflow, it’s crucial to complete your research because these tools are only…

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deepfake technology

Deep Dive into Deepfake Technology: Unmasking the Realities and Risks

In the past year, you may have come across the viral story of twitch streamers dealing with the violative circulation of their fake pornographic content. Non-consensual and AI-generated sexually explicit videos of popular, primarily women, streamers were available for sale online. Perhaps more recognisable, you may have seen Kendrick Lamar’s video of his song ‘The Heart Part 5’, which garnered…

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